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Having been around for over 50 years, Party Pics® understands the specific needs of our customers.

In the late 1960’s, a young, entrepreneurial college student named Jack Counts, Jr. picked up a camera, took pictures at fraternity parties, had them developed and sold them to fraternity members. Unable to locate a lab that could turn around orders quickly and inexpensively, a makeshift processing lab was fashioned and the trademarked photographs called "Party Pics®" were born. Party Pics® is a registered trademark of Candid Color Systems. Soon a blossoming business emerged as one campus became two, and three, then four…until nearly every college, university, and high school in the country is now photographed during graduation ceremonies, parties, special events, groups (bands, teams, cheer squads, etc.) and processed at this now very state-of-the-art, efficiently run, black and white and color processing lab.

Candid Color Systems® was established in 1972 and has been the leader in special events photo finishing and photography for over 50 years. Our goal has been to provide our customers with fast, premium quality photofinishing and, simultaneously, provide marketing methods and tools, which results in a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our customer philosophy is that “Our customers are our partners and friends. We exist solely because of our customers and we are only successful when they are successful.”

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